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LPM 2017 / Amsterdam Report

We had the chance to participate at Live Performers Meeting this year with our AV premiere titled POST DF by Post Kaput, and we discover a lot of different projects, quality proposals, workshops and Live performances, it was an amazing experience that we would like share, here is a little glance of LPM Amsterdam at Radion. 

About LPM: LPM – Live Performers Meeting
Born in 2004, with the aim to answer to the need for creating a space-temporal referential field where to meet, know each other and share vjing related experiences, LPM is now an international meeting dedicated to artists, professionals and passionates of veejaying, visual and live video performance.
Radion Amsterdam


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Ernesto Baca + Post Kaput / Museo Tamayo

Ernesto Baca + Post Kaput (Live) from Post Kaput on Vimeo.

El pasado sábado 28 de enero, 2017 se presentó una selección de cortometrajes experimentales de ERNESTO BACA, proyectados en Super-8 y sonorizados en vivo por POST KAPUT (Alfredo Balanescu, Icetrip y Víctor Martínez).
Cortos presentados: "Resonancia Schumann" (Super-8/ blanco y negro, 3:10 min, 2015) "Oscuridad sin fin" (Super-8/ blanco y negro, 3:12 min, 2016) "Odisea cinética" (Super-8/ blanco y negro/ color de fibras, 3:12 min, 2014) "Sol" (Super-8/ color/ 3:12 min, 2014) "Terra" (Super-8/ blanco y negro, 2:10 min, 2001) "Zebra" (Super-8/ blanco y negro, 2: 36 min, 2016) "Raya" (Super-8/ color/ 2:05 min, 2016) "Clorofila" (Super-8/ color/ 2:16 min, 2016)
Ernesto Baca (Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, 1969). Después de sus inicios en la escuela de Bellas Artes, Ernesto continuó sus estudios con la fotografía y los completó en la escuela de cine y …

Long Stories for PERM, Rusia.


1. Natalia yalandina, "Supernova" / [Yekaterinburg, Russia]
2. Kofke, Jason Scott, "Everything will be fine. (Progress M) 1989" / Atlanta, USA
3. Charlie Sutcliffe, "From the archive of Set Navrec "The defiance of gravity" / [London, UK]
4. Icetrip, "UNDERLYING WORLDS" / [Chapultepec, Mexico D.F]
5. Stickboxing Federation, "Magical consciousness" / [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
6. Igor Ponosov, "Do not paint the Graffiti, do not paste the posters" / [Moscow, Russia]

}Paintings for walls and fences:
1. France Dubois, "SPECTROGRAPH" / [PARIS, FRANCE]
2. Moiseev N., "The Wave" / [Petrozavodsk, Russia]
3. Nadezhda Netcvetaeva, "Vitamin" / [Perm, Russia]
4. Yekaterina Kazachinskaya, "Somewhere out there..." / [Yekaterinburg, Russia]
5. Alexandr …

THE HUM (full-length)