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Reconnaissance: Inside the Panopticon

Reconnaissance: Inside the Panopticon
A low-tech visit to Mexico City’s high-tech urban surveillance center.
By Hillary Mushkin, February 2016 Full article here
Mexico City’s C4I4 is a fantastically overdetermined work of architecture: a concrete bunker, three stories high, that resembles a row of giant surveillance cameras aimed at the city. You can barely see the building from the street, as it rises above a 20-foot perimeter wall. But it can see you.

This is the nerve center for Ciudad Segura, billed as “the world’s most ambitious urban security programme,” and it wouldn’t matter if it were buried underground. Its eyes are 13,000 cameras arrayed throughout the Federal District. Built in 2011 by the Mexican telecommunications company Telmex and the French multinational military contractor Thales, the building consolidates municipal agencies and provides state-of-the-art tools for urban surveillance and crisis response. In 2014, I visited the surveillance center with a team of 19 artist…

Expediciones Sonoras en Espacio 553 / 02/12/16

Primera presentación del contundente Dúo de Veteranos del Noise que visita por primera vez la Ciudad de México.

Line Up
8:30 p.m.
Enrique Maraver + Elí Pinto + Alina Sánchez [CDMX-YUC-TLA]
Dúo Medios Electrónicos / Electroacústico + Artista Visual / Multimedia.

9:00 p.m.
POST-KAPUT Trío (Victor Martinez + Icetrip Estevez + Alfredo Balanescu) [CDMX]
Laboratorio Multidisciplinario / Electroacústico / Multimedia.

9:30 p.m.
Illicit Relationship (Austin Sandin & Carol Ann Sandin Cooley) [TX/US]
Noise Experimental / Psychedelic / Drone Houston´s Dúo

Tajin 553, Col. Narvarte, C.P. 03020 Ciudad de México. Entrada Libre. Cupo limitado.